Scantist 3D™ Permanent Spray 200ml


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Scantist 3D™ Permanent Spray

Extraoral scan-spray for the dental industry

Scantist 3D Permanent Spray for extraoral use revolutionizes dental 3D scanning. This innovative product enhances scan accuracy and quality, making it indispensable for modern digital dentistry.

Key Features

Thin, Uniform Coating

Firstly, Scantist 3D Permanent Spray creates a thin, uniform coating on dental models and prosthetics. This coating ensures precise and detailed digital captures.

Permanent Finish

Moreover, the spray provides a permanent matte finish. It eliminates glare and reflections, ensuring scanners capture accurate images without interference.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Additionally, the spray’s durable formula withstands repeated handling. This longevity reduces the need for frequent reapplication, saving time and effort.

Safety and Ease of Use

Non-Toxic Formula

Importantly, Scantist 3D Permanent Spray contains pigments, but is free of titanium dioxide (TiO2). is safe and non-toxic. Therefore, dental professionals can handle it without health risks.

Quick Drying

Furthermore, the spray dries quickly and provides a consistent coating. This feature enhances the reliability of 3D scans.

Benefits of Scantist 3D Permanent Spray for Dental Professionals

Streamlined Workflow

Using the spray streamlines the workflow in dental labs and clinics. It helps achieve high-quality digital impressions of extraoral objects, such as dental models, crowns, and bridges.

Improved Scan Precision

After the application, SCANTIST 3D – permanent forms a homogeneous and very fine matting layer on the object. This avoids any reflection and the object can be scanned precisely. Fine details in geometry and surface are not affected by the coating. Thanks to a special valve with a fine nozzle, SCANTIST 3D – permanent can be applied permanently and efficiently to the smallest parts.

Practical Solution for Scantist 3D Permanent Spray

Easy Application

Moreover, the spray is easy to apply, saving time and effort in the dental scanning process. Dental professionals benefit from its efficiency and accuracy.

Essential Tool

Overall, this product plays a crucial role in dental 3D scanning. It delivers superior scan quality with minimal effort, making it a valuable tool in digital dental practices.


In conclusion, Scantist 3D  Spray for extraoral use enhances the accuracy and quality of 3D dental scans. It streamlines the workflow, improves scan precision, and ensures high-quality digital impressions. This innovative product is essential for achieving perfect digital dental models and prosthetics.

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