Place-It Type 2


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Dental Place-It Type 2

Safe and asbestos free. Just a dab holds your assembly during soldering, welding, and firing. Place-It will not rob heat from joints, insuring an excellent bond. Heat shield protects acrylic during soldering. Use to repair furnace parts and to create custom supports for laminate veneers. Use to 3200F. No shrinkage on setting. Sets hard in any desired form or shape. Create custom sagger trays, pegs, furnace fixtures, and custom refractory supports for porcelain. Instantly secure multiple unit bridgework for soldering and welding. Apply easily to soldering board or coping interior with handy syringe. Hardens quickly. Ready to use -no mixing, setting or high heat required. Easily change shades, characterize, or add on to your porcelain restorations. Just a dab of Place-It supports laminate veneers, all ceramic crowns, inlays, and onlays in position for re-firing. Use Place-It instead of investment. Apply directly to your sagger tray creating a refractory die in seconds. No degassing, no mixing, no waiting. Perfect for your busy lab, saves hours of work with investment.

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

Available Size:

  • 15 CC syringes.
  • 30 CC syringes.
  • 60 CC syringes.


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