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Vitex™ 3D Vest is a phoshate bonded, graphite free and very fine grain precision investment especially for partial denture frameworks made with “Rapid-Prototyping” technologies. 3D Vest is specially developed to burn out plastic frames made with Rapid-Prototyping resins.

3D Vest is usable for both the conventional and speed casting techniques and is suitable for casting all types of dental alloys (except Titanium).

Vitex™ 3D Vest is comparable to Whipmix ResinVest, Nobilium Cadvest, and Bego VarseoVest.


  • Designed for 3D Printed/Milled Wax and Plastic Scaffolding
  • Superfine Grain, Creamy Consistency
  • Very Smooth Casted Surfaces
  • Divests Easily

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Indication for use: Partial investment material designed for 3D Printed/Milled Wax and Plastic Scaffolding.

Technical Data
Mixing Liquid Investment Liquid
Mixing Ratio, Powder : Liquid 100g : 20ml
Mixing Under Vacuum 60 Seconds
Working Time 4-5 Minutes
Recommended Storage/Working Temperature Approx. 22ºC (Room Temperature)
Inital Setting Time 7-10 Minutes
Setting Expansion Approx. 1.00% (75% diluted type 100 liquid)
Preheating temp. range for placing in the furnace 850-900ºC
Place in the hot furance 25 min. after investing

Sizes: 400g x 50 – Item #5013400

Mixing Liquid:
Investment Liquid 1L – Item #6200003S
Investment Liquid 4 x 1L – Item #6200412


Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in



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