#01 Diamond Disc Flex Single Sided .13 x 22mm


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Diamond Flex Disc Single Sided .13  x 22mm

Dental Laboratories Technicians rely on precision instruments to ensure the success of their work and the Unmounted Diamond Flex Disc Single Sided delivers on this promise. This disc provides versatility, allowing technicians to attach it to various tools or handpieces as needed, adapting to the specific demands of each case.

This diamond disc is engineered for exceptional performance, featuring a single-sided design. On one side, it boasts a coating of high-quality diamond abrasive particles. Diamonds are renowned for their hardness and cutting efficiency, making them the material of choice for demanding dental laboratories applications. The diamond coating ensures efficient material removal and precise shaping, essential for crafting dental restorations such as crowns and bridges.

Measuring approximately 0.13 inches (around 3.3 millimeters) in thickness and 22 millimeters in diameter, this disc strikes a balance between material removal, Flexibility and maneuverability. The thickness determines the depth of material that can be efficiently worked on, while the diameter provides a sufficient cutting surface area. These dimensions are well-suited for detailed and intricate dental work, where precision is paramount.

The flexibility of the disc is a noteworthy feature, as it allows for controlled, Flexibility and precise movements during dental laboratory work. Dental technicians can confidently sculpt, trim, and shape dental materials, knowing they have a reliable tool at their disposal.

Whether it’s separating porcelain or fine-tuning the margins of a crown, the Unmounted Diamond Disc Flex Single Sided proves its worth in the skilled hands of dental Laboratory professionals. It embodies the commitment to quality and precision that defines modern dentistry, ensuring that every restoration results in the best possible outcome. With its combination of diamond strength, flexibility, and precise dimensions, this dental diamond flex disc is an indispensable tool in the pursuit of dental excellence.

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