Base Plate Wax, 1 Lb. Pink, all purpose


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Base Plate Wax, 1 Lb. Pink Material

Our all purpose Base Plate Wax is extra tough, highly flexible, easily shaped and carves without chipping and boil outs cleanly.

– 5″ x 5″ (127x127mm) sheets
– 1 Lbs. box

Baseplate wax is a fundamental material in the field of dentistry, widely used in dental laboratories for various applications. This versatile wax plays a crucial role in the preliminary stages of dental prosthetics, aiding in the creation of accurate and comfortable dental appliances.

Primarily, baseplate wax serves as the foundational component for denture fabrication. Dentists and dental technicians use it to construct the initial model or framework of a denture, allowing for the precise positioning of teeth. The wax’s pliability when heated makes it easy to mold, ensuring that the contours and dimensions closely mimic the patient’s oral anatomy.

One of the key advantages of base plate wax is its adaptability to different temperatures. Dental professionals can manipulate the wax when warmed, facilitating easy shaping and contouring. Once cooled, it retains its form, providing a stable structure for further dental work.

Additionally, base plate wax assists in establishing the correct occlusal relationship between the upper and lower jaws. Dental technicians carefully adjust the wax to achieve proper alignment and bite, ensuring optimal function and comfort for the patient. The wax’s ability to simulate the final prosthetic’s characteristics aids in the creation of precise and patient-specific dental appliances.

Furthermore, base plate wax is commonly employed in the fabrication of bite rims. These rims help in recording the patient’s bite registration accurately, a crucial step in the development of well-fitting dentures. The wax’s ease of use and adaptability make it an indispensable material during these critical phases of prosthodontic procedures.

In conclusion, base plate wax is a foundational element in the dental laboratory toolkit, playing a vital role in the creation of dentures and other dental appliances. Its versatility, ease of manipulation, and ability to replicate oral structures make it an invaluable resource for dental professionals striving to provide patients with optimal oral health and comfort.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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