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RELEASE-SEP PLUS is a high performance synthetic lubricant and separating agent designed for the needs of the dental industry.

A light coating cures in seconds to form a highly repellent mold releasing finish. Can be sprayed or painted on virtually any surface. The separating film is long lasting and durable. Will not wash off with water. Does not have to be reapplied for multiple releases.

RELEASE-SEP PLUS is an excellent stone to plaster separator. Apply to impression materials to release stone and create smooth perfect models. Apply to impression trays to release alginate. Use on rubber base molds for clean release of epoxy, polyurethanes and stone. Apply to articulators, casting rings and flasks for easy cleanup. No more messy Vaseline.

RELEASE-SEP PLUS releases waxes from dies and models. Releases thermoformed materials and splints from models. Will not alter dimensions of dies.

RELEASE-SEP PLUS eliminates scrubbing and scraping hardened impression and investment residues from sinks, trays and bowls. Saves time, labor and protects equipment. Finger pump spray bottles are available which produce a fine mist for even coating and no waste. Lasts longer than aerosol cans. Special dental formulation contains no chlorofluorocarbons or dimethyl silicon

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